LLC605: Spring Framework

LLC605 is a four day rapid track course on Spring Framework
Java beans specifications which were used to implement business logic does not provides the services such as state and transaction management. Spring is an open source framework to simplify these tasks. The framework facilitates developing desktop as well as web application without the programmer to be worried about the dependencies. It also supports integration of AOP, ORM, Messaging. The full-fledged Spring Web MVC framework supports form handling, form-validation and managing the views.

Knowledge of Core Java, Servlet & JSP is must for this training. Exposure to SQL will be added advantage.

Target Audience
The course is helpful for starting up the carrier as Java Web Developer for the students of IT, Computer science, Electronics, BCA, MCA, MCM. The course will help all those who are already working as developers in the technologies such as Java and Servlet/JSP, PHP, ASP.NET etc.

Duration: 4 days (Full-time)

Course Outline: Spring Framework

Introduction to Spring
– Spring essentials
– Modules in Spring
– Introduction to Spring containers
– Performing basic bean configuration
– Introduction to DI using setter and constructor injection

Spring and Data Access
– Using JDBC with Spring
– Introduction to JDBCTemplate, SimpleJDBCTemplate
– Using Exception Handling support of Spring
– Handling ORM technology using templates

– Introduction to AOP
– Introducing Aspects, Advice, Introduction, expression
– Handling Logging using AOP

Spring WebMVC
– General architecture
– Controllers
– Handle mappings
– Handlers
– View resolver
– Data bindings
– Spring validation

Spring Security
– Introduction to Spring Security
– Understanding Namespace configuration
– Performing basic and form based authentication
– Using remember-me authentication
– Sessions management

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