Distance Learning Programmes:

CertAspire  offers live instructor-led online training on Linux with all the benefits of in-person training. Initiated few years back, we are now tendering our more than 18 years of experience and expertise in open source training domain to students or aspirants who cannot avail our classroom training due to constraints such as distance, time and money. Thus far we have conducted online training for candidates from the Americas, South East Asia, Middle East amongst others.

Instruction Delivery Method
We conduct one-on-one trainer trainee session online where courses are delivered using a live video/audio conference bridge and a live Java-based virtual collaboration tool. Students can interact and view their trainers, see the instructor’s slides and terminal screen, share their terminal screen with the instructor during the sessions. The sessions are a blend of instruction and hands-on exercises, rotating between the instruction and labs.

Hardware Requirements
The hardware requirements for the online training are PC with a java enabled browser that runs any operating system, microphone, headphone and a webcam.

Timings & Dates
Since this is a one on one instructor led program, timings and dates for the training are set according to the convenience of the trainer and the trainee.

Courses Offered
Only select courses are offered online. Please email or call us for further clarification.

Target Audience
Overseas candidates who cannot travel to India but want to upgrade or enhance their technical skills are the primary target audience for online training. Local and domestic audience are encouraged to attend the class-room training which will be surely more effective because of the co-participant interactions, live pre-configured hardware and lower costs.

Online training cost more than the classroom training as they are run as a”one-on-one” sessions. Generally the prices are about 50% or more higher than the marked prices.

Please email us for further details: info@linuxlearningcentre.com or call us at +91.9972177731