LLC607: JUnit and Mockito Testing

LLC606 is a three day rapid track course on JUnit and Mockito Testing

Duration: 3 days (Full-time)

Course Outline: JUnit and Mockito Testing

Introduction to Test and Test Case
– Introduction unit testing
– Need unit testing
– Advantage of JUnit
– What is test suit?
– Why we need test suit?
– What is mocking?
– Why we need mocking?
– JUnit examples with mocking

Mock Objects and Mockito
– Mockito Description and Features
– Decoupling System Under Test From Mocks
– Stubbing and Argument Matchers
– Verifying Innvocation
– Number
– Order
– Redundant
– Timeouts
– Advanced Stubbing Techniques
– do* Methods
– Spying
– Working with Partial Mocks
– Mockito Annotations
– Mockito Limitations
– Testing with Mocks
– Mockito best practices

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