LLC602: Java Web Programming Using Servlets and JSPs

LLC602 is a three day rapid track course on Java Web Programming Using Servlets and JSPs.
Java facilitates developing desktop applications. However, today’s world is of internet. Internet helps in reaching to maximum number of people. It’s an integral part of our life, we perform daily activities like bank transactions, online shopping, payment of bills, browsing for the information. The businesses are taking the help of websites to reach to the customers.
Java Servlet is platform independent, component based technology to create web applications for various purposes. The JSP is an extension of Servlet which can be embedded Java code in the HTML page. Usually HTML provides static content, however now as Java code can be inserted into HTML, it leads to dynamic generation of the pages.

The basic knowledge of Java is must. The basic knowledge or hands on experience with web technologies such as HTML, PHP will be an added advantage

Target Audience
The course is helpful for starting up the carrier as Java Developer for the students IT, Computer science, Electronics, BCA, MCA, MCM. The course will help all those who are already working as developers in the technologies such as ASP.NET, PHP etc and want to switch their carrier.

Duration: 3 days (Full-time)

Course Outline: Java Web Programming using Servlets and JSPs

– Why servlets?
– Introduction to servlets
– Life cycle of servlets
– ServletContext and ServletConfig
– Interservlet communicatio

Advanced Servlets
– Servlet Filters

Web Applicaton Security
– Basic Authenticaton
– Form based authentication

– What is JSP?
– How JSPs work?
– Directives
– Actions
– Scriptlets
– Standard actions
– Standard directives
– Conditional and looping execution
– What is JavaBean?
– Features (methods, properties, events)
– JSPs and JavaBeans Standard variables in JSPs
– Defining variables and methods
– Including other documents
– Redirection

Introduction to Custom Tags
– Jstl overvies
– Developing user defined tags

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