Java and Web Programming Technologies

LLC601: Core Java Programming

LLC601 is a five day rapid track course on Core Java Programming. According to the market survey, Java is among top five skills demanded by today’s market. The performance and the scalability are the main reasons to choose Java for backend processing by the tech giants in the market. And the same is the reason why Java developers are so much in demand. For the beginners the good news is Java is relatively simple to use which takes away the complex details from the developers, allowing them to concentrate on the business logic of the application.

LLC602: Java Web Programming Using Servlets and JSPs

LLC602 is a three day rapid track course on Java Web Programming Using Servlets and JSPs.
Java facilitates developing desktop applications. However, today’s world is of internet. Internet helps in reaching to maximum number of people. It’s an integral part of our life, we perform daily activities like bank transactions, online shopping, payment of bills, browsing for the information. The businesses are taking the help of websites to reach to the customers.
Java Servlet is platform independent, component based technology to create web applications for various purposes. The JSP is an extension of Servlet which can be embedded Java code in the HTML page. Usually HTML provides static content, however now as Java code can be inserted into HTML, it leads to dynamic generation of the pages.

LLC603: Hibernate

LLC603 is a three day rapid track course on Hibernate.
Every Java developer is well aware of JDBC API for persistency. However, the JDBC API access the data using SQL and demands the Java developers to be well aware of SQL syntax. Java Persistence Architecture (JPA) facilitates handling of persisted data using Object Relational Mapping (ORM). Hibernate is the most popular implementation of the JPA standard help to handle data to and fro from database without getting involved in SQL queries.

LLC604: Struts – Developing Web Applications

LLC604 is a three day rapid track course on Developing Web Applications using Struts.
Every Java Web developer is well aware of process of handling the request and response flow. However, creating the Model, View and Controllers of Web Application need to be simplified in order to avoid the duplication of the code such as binding request parameters to the object and managing the flow control. Struts is an open source framework which targets these complexities of creating java web application by providing various tags which have the simplified implementation of the view component. The framework also facilitates full-fledged validation framework.

LLC605: Spring Framework

LLC605 is a four day rapid track course on Spring Framework
Java beans specifications which were used to implement business logic does not provides the services such as state and transaction management. Spring is an open source framework to simplify these tasks. The framework facilitates developing desktop as well as web application without the programmer to be worried about the dependencies. It also supports integration of AOP, ORM, Messaging. The full-fledged Spring Web MVC framework supports form handling, form-validation and managing the views.

LLC606: JUnit and Mockito Testing

LLC606 is a three day rapid track course on JUnit and Mockito Testing