LLC405: Linux Firewall Solutions

LLC405 begins with basic overview of network security and exploring into the world of Advanced Firewalling. The course LLC405 enables you to: Configure and Maintain intermediate devices to restrict communication between the networks; To implement firewall rules to translate source and destination IP addresses using the concept of NAT.

The course is open to anyone who knows basic Linux Operating System knowledge, routing concepts and TCP/IP packet structure. RHCE Certified, having undergone the course LLC103 or equivalent knowledge is recommended as pre-requisite.

Target Audience
The network administrators who design, implement and maintain intermediate devices to secure communication between networks. This is useful for the network administrators who setup virtual private networks.

Duration: 2 days (Full-time)

Training Fee: Rs.15,000/- (Plus Service Tax)

Course Outline

Firewall using Linux OS
– Firewall Concepts
– Proxy Vs Firewall
– Router Vs Firewall
– Public and Private IP addresses

Routing Concepts
– Gateways
– IP Forwarding
– Communication Between Networks
– Network Address Translation

Implementing Firewall Using iptables
– iptables Features
– Installation of iptables
– iptables Rule Constructs
– Tables and ChainsRestricting the Packets
– filter table
– Adding and Inserting Rules
– Listing and Saving filter Rules

Advanced Filtering Through iptables
– Protocol, port Filtering
– Layer2 Restrictions
– Generating icmp Messages with REJECT

NAT Using iptables
– Source NAT
– Destination NAT

Port Forwarding and REDIRECT
– Mangle Table Implementation
– Marking the Packets
– Co-existing of Rules in Multiple Tables
– TTL,TOS Restrictions

Logging and Optimization
– Syslog and iptables
– iptables Logging
– Applying Log Limit
– Resetting iptables Counters

User Defined Chains
– Creating of User Defined Chains
– Linking UDC with Built-in Chains
– Managing User Defined Chains

Virtual Private Network(VPN)
– VPN Termininology
– VPN with ISO Based Firewalls
– IPSec Prorocol
– IPSec VPN Configuraion
– Configuration Left, Right Routers
– Initializing Secure Channel
– VPN Connectivity

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